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June 25, 2011 - The Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society is pleased to present, in honour of the club's fifteen years of promoting, presenting and preserving bluegrass, the NBCMS Bluegrass Circle Showcase II.
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Showcase 2011_002_resize
Showcase 2011_003_resize
Showcase 2011_004_resize
Showcase 2011_005_resize
Showcase 2011_006_resize
Showcase 2011_007_resize
Showcase 2011_008_resize
Showcase 2011_009_resize
Showcase 2011_010_resize
Showcase 2011_011_resize
Showcase 2011_012_resize
Showcase 2011_013_resize
Showcase 2011_014_resize
Showcase 2011_015_resize
Showcase 2011_016_resize
Showcase 2011_017_resize
Showcase 2011_018_resize
Showcase 2011_019_resize
Showcase 2011_020_resize
Showcase 2011_021_resize
Showcase 2011_022_resize
Showcase 2011_023_resize
Showcase 2011_024_resize
Showcase 2011_025_resize
Showcase 2011_026_resize
Showcase 2011_027_resize
Showcase 2011_028_resize
Showcase 2011_029_resize
Showcase 2011_030_resize
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